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Peter Hess ® Sound Massage is Supportive for
Relaxation   .   Creativity   .   Mental Clarity & Strength
Relationship & Family   .   Career & Business   .   Spirituality

Calming overtones and gentle vibrations help the mind let go, and sound waves wash away stress to promote well-being and deep relaxation. Many recipients report feeling more relaxed than ever before.

  • Fast and deep relaxation; gentle, non-invasive
  • Feeling of safety, restoration of basic trust
  • Harmonization of body and cells
  • Easing of tension and blockages
  • Letting go of old patterns - a new sense of order emerges
  • Body feels pleasantly light, and vibrates freely
  • Reinforcement of self-healing capability
  • Increased self-confidence, creativity and productivity
  • Attainment of renewed joie de vivre

Peter Hess Sound Massage is based on ancient knowledge of the effects of sound, such as in Indian healing arts 5000+ years ago. According to Eastern legend, man was created from sound, and is sound. It follows that if a human being is "in tune" with self and environment, he or she is free to live freely and creatively.

Peter Hess, a German engineering graduate (FH) in Physical Technology, researched the effects of sound on people. Based on his manifold experience, particularly in Nepal and Tibet, he started work with metal singing bowls in 1984. Sound massage is based on his compiled investigations and experiments with the effect of traditional music on the human mind and body. In his many years of practice, Peter has adapted this knowledge for Western cultures – the result is the original Peter Hess method of Sound Massage.

In Uenzen/Northern Germany, Peter is manager of the Institute for Sound Massage Therapy, which continues to develop his method; and he has shared his own experience in seminars provided both in Germany and abroad since 1986.

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